Smart Vending Machines


24-hour machines operation monitoring. Technical conditions control and Accounting of goods and money in real time.


Automating most of your work

  • Any malfunction, control of personnel leading to a reduction in profits and business downtime is already in the past.
  • The owner is aware of the money balance and inventories before encashment. Easy to plan your staff workload.
  • The technician is aware of any malfunction at the right point and knows where and when to go. You can restore the machine remotely without leaving the office.
  • The customer pays to you, not to the competitors.


Do not waste time and money on unnecessary visits


Contactless payment

The customer can pay by card or by phone, increasing the network profit



Reacts to vandalism, opening, and collection of money

How does the ecosystem work?

  • Sensors are built in to the machine and react to any internal processes as well as customer experience processes.
  • Information is transmitted in real time via GSM / GPRS channel and stored in the cloud.
  • The monitoring data is secured by using encryption.

15 minutes to install and run

The DeviceVoice terminal can be installed in any type of vending machines and controlled from anywhere in the world.

You or your staff can install the monitoring system on your equipment by yourself:

  1. Turn off the machine power
  2. Connect the Device Voice terminal to the standard slot
  3. Install the terminal in the machine by using a magnet
  4. Turn on the machine power
  5. Open the monitoring portal and check the data from the machine

* Use the DeviceVoice service mobile application to run a terminal self-test to check the Internet connection and the correct connection to the machine

a MacBook Pro

Control center

The Control and Monitoring Center is available anywhere in the world 24/7.


Operator application

 Visit Registration. Accounting for product loads. Encashment. Terminal diagnostics.


Client application

The customer can pay for goods by a card that provides additional income.

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