15 minutes to run the monitoring system

Reduced downtime

You know immediately which device and why is out of order, 24/7/365

Balances and sales control

Sales and other reports in real time for each product from any device.

Save time and reduce maintenance costs

You know when to send staff for maintenance.

Where you lose sales

The Control and Monitoring Center is available anywhere in the world 24/7
  • Bill acceptor malfunction
  • Run out of ingredients
  • The machine stopped responding or any other error has occurred
  • Frequent service staff visits
  • The customer does not have change

Up to 30% additional profit with non-cash payments


Payment by mobile phone


Payment with prepaid card

All reports right where you need them

Downtime report

Sales report

Encashment report

Ingredients consumption report

Financial Report

Comparative sales report by locations

What is necessary for a vending machine


Monitoring device


SIM card (included)


15-20 minutes for installation

How it works


The Device Voice terminal collects information from the payment gateway and the audit port.

The terminal transmits data via GSM / GPRS to the monitoring portal.

You access monitoring data via a web browser on a PC or via a smartphone.

By connecting additional equipment to the terminal you can remotely reboot the machine, accept payment cards, monitor the temperature, open / close doors and much more.

Questions and answers


Yes, the license cover starts from 1000 connections.

The solution works with all popular machines, which work on MDB, EXE, BDV, CCIprotocols. Send a request to sales@devicevoice.com for more details on your machine model.

The data is stored and secured in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Access to all data about your vending machines is only available to the owner and employees who have been granted access.

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